Use props on your photos to create funny and memorable greetings. Put on a fashionable mustache, a pair of odd-looking glasses or a just married sign to enhance the experience. You can also acquire some hats or wigs – Trust us, someone will put them on! The sky is the limit!

Your can obtain props that match your wedding theme or just find a bunch and let your guests choose. You can get far without spending too much money by shopping the right places.

If you are not interested in investing in photo props then create your own! Buy some small thin wooden sticks, some glue or double adhesive tape along with some cardboard in different colors and cut it into different shapes and sizes.

Besides hats, wigs and other funny photo-props it is a good idea to get something that can cover the Webooth area from the rest of the party. By doing this even the shy guests dare to prop up and take selfies.

If you are not excited about creating your own covering then you can easily find something either at IKEA or on a second-hand website. A simple and cheap solution is to buy two clothes racks and two shower curtains, which can be decorated with spray paint or something else. Put them up against a couple of walls in a corner and your have a great spacious photo booth for your guests.

If you have a printer connected to your iPad then you or your guests can easily print the photos taken and hang them during the party for all to see. Who knows, the guests might inspire each other from looking at the hilarious photos. We have tested the Canon SELPHY CP1200, which prints the photos in a good size for hanging them on the covering or somewhere else for all to see.

It is important to consider where to place the iPad. Maybe there is a window ledge in the right height, a small shelf that you can bring or possibly an adjustable music stand.

A final word of advice: Remember a lamp for your photo booth! It does not have to be anything special, but proper lighting matters!

Check list

  • Covering
  • iPad stand
  • Lighting
  • Possibly an AirPrint printer. The app works fine without it.
  • iPad charger
  • Props
    • Moustaches
    • Wigs
    • Accessories
    • Hats
  • Power for both charger, lamp and possibly a printer.